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We met with James Rowson, New York Yankees Organizational Hitting Instructor, on our Orlando trip to the ABCA Convention.  We watched him work out with a couple young players at the Yankees Tampa training center and had a chance to speak with him after he was finished.  He shared a couple ideas that might apply to you coaches and players.

1)    During batting practice the hitter should should not allow the pitcher/coach to dictate the pace of the hitting.  Why?  James feels that if hitters are not careful they can find themselves getting into bad habbits with a pitcher that is just throwing the ball at the same speed and he is either not prepared to hit or finds himself lunging at the ball (not expecting offspeed).  He suggests players to put their head down and prepare for the pitch and don't look up until they are ready to hit.  Remember BP is for the hitter and besides instilling the idea in your hitters that they are in charge at the plate they are better prepared to approach the ball like a game situation pitch.

2)  In most cases taller players should stay tall with their upper body as they load and approach the ball.  This allows them to stay on top of the ball and work their front arm in a downward direction to the ball.  Take advantage of being taller to create that extra bat speed.  Coach Ward talks specifically about working the lead arm in a downward direction to the ball after the upward load in the ProStride Hitting Instructional Videos.

1) Should we coach a hitter to Stride then Hit? or Stride to Hit?

Maybe this doesn't sound like a big difference but this is actually one of the major difference in ProStride Hitting from some other coaching philosophies.  Hopefully you answered that a player should Stride to Hit.  Coach Ward talks about this in great detail in his membership instructional videos.  He explains why, how and best of all he provides the drills that create and reinforce the proper feel and movement for the hitter.   

A player who strides then hits is creating a two part swing where there is a hesitation before executing the swing.  We are amazed at how many coaches have been teaching this technique.  Not only are you taking away the hitter's power but you are also taking away a key timing mechanism that allows the player to adjust to the off-speed pitches.  Many coaches teach this because they are so concerned about he player getting their front foot down in time to hit.  Instead of teaching the player the proper movements and timing mechanisms they have decided to try and simplify the swing.  Very few hitters have found success hitting without a stride or with a two part swing.  The players that have found some success usually still have good weight transfer or are just exceptionally strong. 

A player who strides to hit has as a timing mechanism as well as a movement to generate power going into his swing.  You will see that almost all MLB hitters hit this way and have been trained how to load and develop a timing for hitting.  Obviously, our recommendation to coaches is to gain an understanding of these key athletic movements and develop your players through the proper mental approach and drill work so they can maximize their POWER, TIMING & BALANCE.  

The movements of hitting are very similar to those of a pitcher.  Have you ever seen a pitcher stride down the mound, stop and then throw?  Sounds crazy to make that comparison but is it?

Before we get started:  
How about Jeter's last game in NY!!  

What a class act and super player.  Yes, he learned ProStride Hitting as a rookie and followed the drills and process thoughout his career, but there is a lot more to him than that!  A fantastic role model and leader.  What a career! We wish him all the luck as he moves on in life.

New Tips Below:  A Few of the Commonly Asked Questions On Hitting

Hear what Gary Denbo shares with us
about Derek Jeter's use of the ProStride.

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Gary Denbo
New York Yankees 
Head of Player Development
Ex MLB Hitting Coach NY Yankees & Toronto Blue Jays





A few of the Commonly Asked Questions on Hitting:

1) When do you get loaded to hit? Why?
2) What part of your body starts the load? How?
3) Should you have a narrow or wide stance? 
4) How should your weight be distributed at different stages of the swing?
5) When and how much do you stride?
6) Do we need to stride?
7) What part of the body starts the swing?
8) Where does the bat need to finish after the swing?
9) Should the hitter's back elbow be high or low?
10) What would cause a player to hit grounders or fly balls vs line drives?
11) When should the front foot set down? How & Why?
12) Where should the hitters eyes focus?
13) Where do we want to see a good hitter focus on hitting various pitches?
14) What part of the plate should a hitter guard?
15) Does a hitter try to predict what pitch is coming on certain pitch counts?
16) Should the hitter focus on the back knee or back heal?
17)  What is meant by an early quiet movement?
18) Do hitters purposely let the outside pitch travel further (get deep)?

A lot to think about as a hitter? Sure is! Should a coach have these answers? We think so!

Are the answers different for each type hitter? Some are but many are the same.

These are just a few of the issues or questions we would expect a ProStride Certified Coach to understand and be able to instruct and answer for his players and fellow coaches. Likewise, we would expect one of our players to understand and have these answers as well.  

                            "YOU MUST UNDERSTAND YOUR SKILL"

If you do not have a clear and proven answer to any one of these issues or questions then you are not alone and would likely benefit from the instructional videos and drills in ProStride Hitting. If there is inconsistency in the thought process of your individual coaches, players and possibly parents on any of these topics then you might also find ProStride Hitting can bring everyone together with easy to understand concepts that work for players.  No one can argue with the simplicity and proven results Jay Ward's process has to offer.  This is why ProStride Hitting is used by the best teams and players in professional baseball. 

Feel free to send us a question or issue you might have to and we will let you know if it is covered in the ProStride Hitting Instructional Videos or Drills. It likely will be.  Our goal is to help coaches and players enjoy this great sport of baseball and work together to advance as far as their talent, dedication and time will allow.

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Robinson Cano of the New York Yankees & Mariners

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There is one thing we never seem to have enough of and we will never get back....Time!    

Our goal is to put players and coaches on the right path for success as soon as possible and take advantage of the time they have to build good habits and the skills that will give them the chance to succeed at the next level.  Remember, hitting a baseball is likely the most difficult thing to do in all of sports.  You don't have time to experiment or time might run out.  Move ahead with a proven system in ProStride Hitting.  As Always...Good Luck!

"I had the opportunity to work with Jay Ward and gain an understanding of his ProStride Hitting Process . Coach Ward was a great teacher of hitting who gave me good information and ideas on how to coach hitters. His insight, along with the help and knowledge gained from many other fine people over my 36 year coaching career, has assisted me greatly."
Ray Birmingham Head Coach of the University of New Mexico
Ray Birmingham, Head Coach University of New Mexico

UNM won the 2013 NCAA Div I National Batting Title.  In 2013 UNM led the nation in five offensive categories: batting (.334), runs per game (8.3), slugging percentage (.504), on base percentage (.422) and doubles per game (2.53). They finished second in both doubles (149) and hits (724) and third in runs (487), triples (31) and triples per game (.53).