Commonly Asked Questions

We recognize that many players have been taught a physical and mental approach to hitting that may be difficult to change right away. However, if the player is willing to learn and practice properly with the ProStride drills he will start to develop the right feel and a more consistent bat path through the hitting zone.

ProStride Hitting will give you the most advanced, yet simple to understand, system for teaching young hitters. One of the real challenges we see high school coaches facing is that they are usually not experts when it comes to teaching the finer aspects of hitting. This forces their good players to seek outside instruction which causes confusion and potential alienation from the coach. These players bring new hitting ideas back to the other team members and parents' questions may circulate about what is being taught at the high school level. This can cause tension and often times a separation between the coach, his players and the parents. What should first be understood is that players and their parents are interested in helping support a coach and program that can help the players become the best they can be while developing them for the next level. Next, it should not be expected that a high school coach be able to instruct at a level of a professional hitting coach. By adopting ProStride as your hitting system you will not only become knowledgeable of the most advanced hitting techniques, you will demonstrate to your players and parents that you want to bring the best hitting system available to them. Implementing this program will also result in having college and professional scouts more interested in your players. Not only will they become better hitters, they will also possess a preferred type of swing and the mental approach that will give them a better chance to succeed at the next level. With each player being a member of the site they can learn and become experts themselves. The parents can also become educated and eventually start passing these skills and knowledge down to the younger up-and-coming players that will continue to feed into your program.

This is one of the most common comments made by youth and high school coaches. What Jay Ward would say to this is that the MLB Hitter must use the simplest system available since the pitching there is so good. Hitting does not need to be complex and should only be a simple athletic movement. Anything more complicated should not be taught. ProStride Hitting is easy to coach and will allow your players to advance to any level of baseball with the same drills and thought processes.

Having a ProStride swing and mental appoach that is proven at the MLB and college level will make you a much more marketable player. Learning from and practicing the same system that some of the greatest hitters in the modern game have followed (and still do) through their professional careers should improve your hitting too. When talking to colleges, ask if they also like the ProStride Hitting Process. With ProStride being the most popular professional hitting system hopefully your college of choice will have also adopted it as their preferred system of teaching. Being able to transfer your success in high school to their college program will make you much more attractive to a college or professional recruiter.

Jay Ward spent many of his years of coaching in the minor league system where he enjoyed making a difference and molding players to make the jump to the Majors. Being able to send players up and have them succeed is a direct reflection on you as a coach and should help elevate your career just like it has some of the coaches who are providing testimonials for ProStride Hitting, as well as several of our instructors. This is not a youth level program only. The ProStride Hitting system and site is designed with the professional in mind but simple enough for a youth player, parent and coach to comprehend and put it to work as well. We will welcome any of your Pro players to join the site and learn what some of the most successful hitters in MLB have followed and continue to use. Once they have viewed the videos and put some of the concepts and drills to work for themselves they will be thanking you for helping advance their careers. Even though we will welcome any ideas that can make our hitting system better, we don’t think there is anything that can top the ProStride Hitting Process. The proof is in the success that has been demonstrated by great players over the years. We don’t think your players will be able to question this product and will hopefully put it to work for themselves with the confidence they are following a proven method.

Jay Ward spent many hours working with young players during the off season and after retiring from baseball. He also had children and grandchildren of his own who he was able to work with at their level. Jay was a very special instructor but his concepts and drills are still very easy to follow as a parent or youth coach. Your other options are to either buy another hitting DVD or go receive instruction at a camp or a local hitting cage. I think you will find that understanding the ProStride methods will allow you to have a very positive experience with your kids and help them develop during youth baseball with a swing that should make them very attractive to a high school coach and hopefully beyond. If you run into difficulty with coaching your young player (as most of us fathers do) then you can have a lesson with one of our on-line instructors certified in the ProStride Process and get things back on track. Knowing you and your instructor are teaching the same things will give you confidence that you are coaching your kids with what they need to know. There is nothing better than being a part of your child’s success and being able to be a knowledgeble sounding board, trouble shooter and advisor when they need help or ideas.

Your issue and concerns are much more common than you think, so don't feel alone. Our first suggestion will always be to call for a private meeting with your coach and try to openly discuss your concerns. Some high school coaches are not open to change but most are very competitive and are interested in finding ways to win, improve their players and their chances to move on to the next level. Most good high school coaches are the ones who train their players properly with the most up to date methods and can move their players to the next level, year after year. We obviously believe the ProStride Hitting Process can help you and would welcome you to decide for yourself. Maybe ProStride is much closer to what your coach is instructing and some of the ProStride drills and instruction will help fill in some blanks or answer some questions that have not been clear to you. Because ProStride is endorsed at the highest level of baseball and proven at each level all the way down to youth ages we don't think there are many coaches or instructors who will argue with your interest in following it. Share your interest in ProStride Hitting with your coach (and instructor) and respectfully ask him for his opinion of ProStride. Most coaches who have taken the time to listen and learn ProStride Hitting understand why it has been adopted by professional organizations. Most high school coaches are looking for a quality hitting system that is easy to understand and teach and can also help their players become winners and advance to the next level. I'm sure your coach will be receptive if you are respectful and ask for his input and advice. If, for some reason, your coach will not take the time to review the ProStride Hitting Process and will not change his system we are confident you will still be able to apply ProStride to what he is coaching and still become a better hitter. Practice the drills on your own, develop a ProStride swing, consistently hit the ball hard and you will likely find that your coach will leave your hitting alone and focus his coaching efforts on other players who may need more help. Without causing a problem for your team and coach share this site with your close teammates and develop hitting partners who can help each other. If ProStride is good enough for Derek Jeter and all the other professional players who currently follow it we don't think you can go wrong. One more thing you might want to do is to get an opinion from one of the more successful college coaches in your area where you might want to one day play baseball. Get their opinion of ProStride Hitting and ask them if they would rather recruit a hitter with a ProStride swing or one you feel your high school coach is trying to develop with you. If you are fortunate to know a professional scout ask his opinion as well. Good Luck.

ProStride members will be provided with some of the best values available to busy baseball players, families and coaches. We have a very good understanding of what our members are needing and we are constantly looking for quality products and services that might be helpful. Whether it is equipment, showcases, travel related resources or training information and tools, we will be providing it at a discounted rate for our members.

During his professional career Jay maintained the ProStride Hitting Process as a proprietary teaching and development system that he taught his players and made avaialble to the organizations that employed him. For various competitive reasons this material was not made available to the general public which is why Gary Denbo of the NY Yankees was surprised (but very pleased) that Jay had documented his hitting process in these videos. Many players and coaches over the years had asked Jay to document his work but until a couple of years ago he resisted until he could take the time necessary to do it the right way. Jay was one of the best coaches and instructors in the game and even though he was a very accomplished speaker, he was not a big self promoter of his work. Instead, he let his success as a coach get demonstrated by the players at the plate. He was not one to look for the spotlight or play political games to build his name and career. Instead, Jay enjoyed just working with players and took only a select few coaches under his wing to teach them his ProStride Hitting Process. Gary was one of those fortunate students and he has been a great example of what a coach can accomplish by understanding and teaching ProStride. Gary, in turn, taught other coaches the ProStride Hitting Process which has made it the most popular teaching method at the upper level of baseball. What most of you will recognize are the names of the great players he has instructed and some of the coaches who have provided testimonials about Jay’s ProStride Hitting system. Hall of Fame players, as well as future Hall of Famers who have been coached by Gary Denbo, recognize the unique Process and drills that developed their swings, kept them on track, brought them back from slumps and allowed them to elevate their careers. The ProStride brand of hitting is likely going to become the most recognized hitting and teaching process at all levels of baseball. We want to thank Jay for leaving us with his life’s work. He would be happy knowing that he has been able to share his knowledge with you and your players. Please contact us through the forum with your questions or email us at