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Why Lifting is Good for Baseball
Why Lifting is Good for Baseball

Has your team been hitting the weights this off season? If not, why not? Some, especially at the high school level and below may find it as a waste of time. I thought the same thing, but I am here to tell you that once you enter into a college program that it is almost all you do in the off season.

Lifting weights the right way plays a big part in “building up” your team and the off season is the perfect time to do that. The main benefits from lifting which I’m sure most of you have heard, include getting bigger, faster and stronger. Lifting will increase the power of a baseball swing and the power of throwing a baseball. Build stronger and more explosive legs to become faster.  Have a pitcher who’s wanting to increase his pitch speed? Strengthen up the legs with squats and build up the pecs with bench press.

There are also different phases/cycles that players should go through in the off season that will help tremendously with the gains. Start the off season out with higher volume and less intensity which means higher reps and less weight to help build up some endurance. Then slowly taper down to doing low volume and high intensity which is lower reps and more weight. This last part of the training program should be solely focused on the fast twitch muscle fibers. Make sure players are being explosive in their movements. Baseball specific exercises should also be implemented during this period as well. Once in season, start a maintenance program with low weight and semi-high reps. Players should maintain the muscle they built in the off season and continue a lifting and stretching regimen to stay injury free. Keep all of this in mind and go out and have a great season! We are rooting for you!

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