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ProStride Hitting


Tips to a ProStride swing and how it can enhance your swing

When to Stride & Why
When to Stride & Why

                As a ProStride hitter you will be taught the right way to load to get ready to hit. This section will also touch a bit on the stride.


                When you think about getting loaded to hit it is as easy as loading up at the same time as the pitcher. Think about it like dancing with the pitcher. As the pitcher gets loaded you as the hitter do the same thing. We are trying to get timed up with the pitcher. Load back on the inside part of your back knee and up and back with your hands as the pitcher is winding up. As the pitcher lifts his leg up you as the hitter will also lift the knee up or knee tuck depending on what your load is.


                What Not To Do:


                ProStride hitting does not teach loading and then striding before the pitcher pitches the ball. We do not teach the load, stride, stop then hit approach. Have you ever seen a pitcher wind up, stride out, stop, and then throw the ball? That’s what I thought, no. That is exactly why we do not teach it because it takes away all the momentum and power. The load is loading us up with power in the back leg and hands to then be moved forward at a forceful speed. This is not what the pro scouts are looking for and that is why we do not teach it.


                Keep these tips in mind to become a better hitter!

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