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Tips to a ProStride swing and how it can enhance your swing

James Rowson connected to 3 players in HR Derby
James Rowson connected to 3 players in HR Derby
James Rowson is the MLB hitting coach for the Minnesota Twins. He had also been with the New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs a few years ago. We had the pleasure of meeting him a couple years ago during the Yankees spring training and found out that he was taught the same hitting instruction from Gary Denbo in his playing days which is ProStride Hitting. 

Coach Rowson is connected to Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez and Miguel Sano. Rowson helped coach Judge and Sanchez fix their swings in the Minor Leagues and is currently coaching Miguel Sano. 

In his interview, Rowson talks about how fun it is going to be to watch these three players with tremendous power compete in the Derby. These players already had the power, but needed just a few tweaks in their swing to really bring them to the next level and that is where Rowson came in. 

He worked on tweaking these players, not changing their swings so much but more changing how they approach the baseball. These are the little things that must be learned to make it to the next level and separates the good from the great. This same approach is taught through the memberships here on ProStride Hitting. Learn to hit or teach the methods that these great players and so many more use. 

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