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Tips to a ProStride swing and how it can enhance your swing

Why have I not heard about Jay Ward or ProStride Hitting before now?
During his professional career Jay maintained the ProStride Hitting Process as a proprietary teaching and development system that he taught his players and made available to the organizations that employed him. For various competitive reasons this material was not made available to the general public which is why Gary Denbo of the NY Yankees was surprised (but very pleased) that Jay had documented his hitting process in these videos. Many players and coaches over the years had asked Jay to document his work but until a couple of years ago he resisted until he could take the time necessary to do it the right way.

Jay was one of the best coaches and instructors in the game and even though he was a very accomplished speaker, he was not a big self promoter of his work. Instead, he let his success as a coach get demonstrated by the players at the plate. He was not one to look for the spotlight or play political games to build his name and career. Instead, Jay enjoyed just working with players and took only a select few coaches under his wing to teach them his ProStride Hitting Process. Gary was one of those fortunate students and he has been a great example of what a coach can accomplish by understanding and teaching ProStride. Gary, in turn, taught other coaches the ProStride Hitting Process which has made it the most popular teaching method at the upper level of baseball. What most of you will recognize are the names of the great players he has instructed and some of the coaches who have provided testimonials about Jay’s ProStride Hitting system.

Hall of Fame players, as well as future Hall of Famers who have been coached by Gary Denbo, recognize the unique Process and drills that developed their swings, kept them on track, brought them back from slumps and allowed them to elevate their careers. The ProStride brand of hitting is likely going to become the most recognized hitting and teaching process at all levels of baseball. We want to thank Jay for leaving us with his life’s work. He would be happy knowing that he has been able to share his knowledge with you and your players. Please contact us through the forum with your questions or email us at

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