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Tips to a ProStride swing and how it can enhance your swing

How can ProStride Hitting help me and my baseball program?
ProStride Hitting will give you the most advanced, yet simple to understand, system for teaching young hitters. One of the real challenges we see high school coaches facing is that they are usually not experts when it comes to teaching the finer aspects of hitting. This forces their good players to seek outside instruction which causes confusion and potential alienation from the coach. These players bring new hitting ideas back to the other team members and parents' questions may circulate about what is being taught at the high school level. This can cause tension and often times a separation between the coach, his players and the parents. What should first be understood is that players and their parents are interested in helping support a coach and program that can help the players become the best they can be while developing them for the next level.

Next, it should not be expected that a high school coach be able to instruct at a level of a professional hitting coach. By adopting ProStride as your hitting system you will not only become knowledgeable of the most advanced hitting techniques, you will demonstrate to your players and parents that you want to bring the best hitting system available to them. Implementing this program will also result in having college and professional scouts more interested in your players. Not only will they become better hitters, they will also possess a preferred type of swing and the mental approach that will give them a better chance to succeed at the next level.

With each player being a member of the site they can learn and become experts themselves. The parents can also become educated and eventually start passing these skills and knowledge down to the younger up-and-coming players that will continue to feed into your program.

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