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Congratulations to Derek Jeter & Larry Walker - now in the MLB Baseball Hall of Fame                                       

THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE & FANTASTIC!  Did you know that both players were taught ProStride Hitting early in their careers?  Both were extremely successfull and it is very obvious they had a ProStride swing and approach.  

It is well documented that Derek Jeter's personal hitting instructor was Gary Denbo.  Gary was taught ProStride Hitting by Jay Ward and Derek became the recipient of this knowledge from his first year in the minors (Denbo was his coach) and all the way through his career.  You can hear Gary speaking throughout this site and in the ProStride Hitting drills.  Jeter refered to Gary as the "Hit Doctor" in his book and they always worked together in the off season and as Jeter needed instruction from time to time.  Congratulations Derek!!

Larry Walker was coached by Jay Ward starting in 1990 which was Larry's first full year in the majors with the Montreal Expos.  Jay was the organizations hitting instructor that year when Larry only hit .241.  The next year they moved Jay to become the Expo's MLB hitting coach and the ProStride Hitting system was taught to Larry.  He hit .290 in 1991 and then .301 in 1992 as Ward was still with the Expos.  Ward considered Larry Walker as one of his favorite hitters of all times and in his training videos you will hear Jay refer to the lefty hitter who could really hit against left hand pitchers.  He was referring to Larry.  Congratulations Larry!!


Ryan Klesko

Orlando Merced

Andruw Jones

Javier Lopez

Ricky Henderson

Chipper Jones

Lenny Harris

About ProStride Hitting

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"I have used the coaching methods and hitting drills of Jay Ward’s ProStride Hitting videos for the past 26 years as a professional hitting coach. The outstanding information contained in these videos has been proven to work with hitters from Little League age to future Hall of Fame Major League hitters. "Jay Ward's ProStride Hitting Process” allows players to learn simple drills and a mental game plan that give hitters confidence, improved timing, better balance and a consistent swing that can be repeated in the game for excellent results."
Gary Denbo, New York Yankees Vice President, Player Development


Jay Ward’s ProStride Hitting Process was designed and perfected over the last  40 years of his baseball coaching career and is possibly now the most utilized hitting system by MLB players, coaches and their respective professional organizations.  During his career Jay Ward worked with and coached some of the most well known hitters of the modern age.  Players like Wade Boggs, Dave Winfield, Don Mattingly, Chipper Jones, Larry Walker, Moises Alou, Andruw Jones, Javier Lopez, Ryan Klesko, Ricky Henderson, Orlando Merced (just to name a few) and their organizations entrusted Jay to further develop and help maintain these players’ swings as well as their mental approach at the plate.

The ProStride Hitting Process emphasizes the development of Power, Timing & Balance which are all created with the use of simple to understand and easily performed drills.  These ProStride drills allow a hitter to gain a feel and build the athletic movements necessary to consistently execute the proper quality swing that is repeatable during game conditions.  In addition to these drills Ward also breaks down the mechanics of the swing, use of the legs and proper body positioning that will allow the hitter and coach to gain a complete understanding of a ProStride swing.  Jay takes a very common sense approach that makes it easy to understand, follow and teach at all levels. 

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Jay was a master teacher and coach and was recognized by many as a true innovator when it came to teaching the art of hitting a baseball.  The majority of all MLB players have the components of a ProStride swing which is likely the reason they have elevated their careers to this elite level.  Most of today’s great hitters have been developed under different coaches and instructors, however, many of the drills, instructions and the philosophy they use has evolved from Jay’s coaching over 25 years ago. 

Unfortunately for all of us Jay passed away at the age of 73 in early 2012.   Many were surprised, but very pleased, that Jay had left us with all his teachings in the videos that have become the series that is now available to our site members.  When asked if Jay’s hitting style and drills were still being used in professional baseball, Gary Denbo of the New York Yankees, a former player and student of Jay's said that he wasn’t sure exactly how wide spread it was but he did know that as the head hitting coach for the NY Yankees, the Toronto Blue Jays and a couple of years spent in Japan that ProStride is the only hitting system he has ever taught.

Denbo has used the ProStride Process as he has coached some of the all time great hitters like NYY players Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano and many more.  He has also tutored other hitting coaches during his professional baseball career including Derek Shelton, James Rowsen and Greg Colbrunn, MLB Hitting Coaches of the Tampa Bay Rays, Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox, respectively. 

The ProStride Hitting Process has been proven to develop and maintain hitters (and coaches) at all levels.  By simply becoming a member of this site every player, coach and parent can now learn and utilize the ProStride Hitting Process to develop their hitting, for themselves or their players, to as high a level as possible.

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