Congratulations to Derek Jeter & Larry Walker - now in the MLB Baseball Hall of Fame                                       

THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE & FANTASTIC!  Did you know that both players were taught ProStride Hitting early in their careers?  Both were extremely successfull and it is very obvious they had a ProStride swing and approach.  

It is well documented that Derek Jeter's personal hitting instructor was Gary Denbo.  Gary was taught ProStride Hitting by Jay Ward and Derek became the recipient of this knowledge from his first year in the minors (Denbo was his coach) and all the way through his career.  You can hear Gary speaking throughout this site and in the ProStride Hitting drills.  Jeter refered to Gary as the "Hit Doctor" in his book and they always worked together in the off season and as Jeter needed instruction from time to time.  Congratulations Derek!!

Larry Walker was coached by Jay Ward starting in 1990 which was Larry's first full year in the majors with the Montreal Expos.  Jay was the organizations hitting instructor that year when Larry only hit .241.  The next year they moved Jay to become the Expo's MLB hitting coach and the ProStride Hitting system was taught to Larry.  He hit .290 in 1991 and then .301 in 1992 as Ward was still with the Expos.  Ward considered Larry Walker as one of his favorite hitters of all times and in his training videos you will hear Jay refer to the lefty hitter who could really hit against left hand pitchers.  He was referring to Larry.  Congratulations Larry!!




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Derek Jeter called his coach, Gary Denbo, "The Swing Doctor"

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Jay Ward

The MLB Hitting Coach for the New York Yankees and Montreal Expos in the late 1980s, developed this unique teaching process and mental approach to hitting for player and organizations. Proven at the MLB level for over 30 years, ProStride Hitting is:

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  • “During my baseball career two people had a profound effect on my hitting: my dad and Jay Ward. Coach Ward helped me reach my full potential as a professional hitter. I went from carving hits to right field to driving balls over the right fielder's head. The ProStride Hitting technique helped me enjoy a ten year big league career and 2 World Series titles. I have been teaching ProStride for over 10 years as a coach at both the professional and amateur levels. If you're not teaching or learning ProStride Hitting you're missing out.”

    Mike MordecaiToronto Blue Jays, Coordinator of Instruction
  • “The ProStride Hitting Process is used throughout Major League Baseball by the best hitters in the game. By repeating Jay Ward’s simple drills during practice or pre-game work, the ProStride Hitting Process allows hitters to maintain consistent timing and a short to long swing path that gets good results throughout the season. Hitters can step into the batters box with confidence knowing they are prepared to compete against all types of pitchers.”

    Gary DenboNew York Yankees Vice President, Player Development
  • “ I have used Jay's ProStride Hitting method of teaching throughout my coaching career and have seen many players have success. Jay's philosophy comes second to none, as he has managed to simplify the complex art of hitting. The ProStride Hitting Process has assisted many players and coaches of all ages and levels in building a strong hitting foundation that they can rely on for success. ”

    James RowsenMinnesota Twins, MLB Hitting Coach, Previous New York Yankees Organizational Hitting Coordinator, & MLB Hitting Coach - Chicago Cubs
  • “ By using Jay Ward's ProStride Hitting methods, hitters at all levels can learn to improve their timing, balance, swing path and make quick adjustments at the plate. These videos are a great way to improve all phases of your offensive game. I used these same drills and game plans daily as a player and now as a coach to help our hitters prepare to execute quality at-bats against the best pitchers in the world. ”

    Greg Calhoun Class A Hitting Coach New York Yankees, Ex Major League Hitting Coach, Boston Red Sox 2013 World Series Championship Team

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